Sole Serenity

Illness & Reflexology

A Background to Illness

The body has many major systems which can become impaired, leading to various illnesses or diseases. For example:

  • cardiovascular - heart conditions, blood pressure, circulatory problems
  • lymphatic - infections, oedema
  • respiratory - lungs, nose, sinuses
  • digestive - indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhoea
  • reproductive - gynae, fertility, testicular/erectile issues
  • musculo-skeletal - joint, muscle, back pain
  • urinary - kidneys, bladder, prostate
  • nervous - migraines, sciatica, epilepsy
  • endocrine - diabetes, thyroid conditions

The body can also succumb to other illnesses, such as ME, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. It can turn against itself, as happens with rheumatoid arthritis. Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth and spread.

The role of reflexology

Reflexologists are not allowed to diagnose specific conditions or claim to cure them.

However, we seek to prompt the body to restore its natural balance by:

  • improving the circulation in general
  • stimulating the blood and nerve supply to specific organs

This in turn may benefit a wide range of conditions.

If I have any major concerns about your condition, I will discuss this with you and suggest a referral to your GP or other healthcare professional.