Sole Serenity

What Happens in a Session?

The first foot reflexology session will be about an hour and a quarter and the first hand reflexology session about three quarters of an hour. After that, sessions will last an hour for the feet and half an hour for the hands.

At the start of the first session, I would like to learn about your medical history, current health, medications, and lifestyle in general.

I will then carry out an investigatory session on your feet or your hands to devise a tailor-made reflexology treatment plan for you. I will use and adapt your personal reflexology plan in future sessions.

While I am giving the reflexology treatment, feel free to talk or doze. At the end I will give you a drink of water or squash and some after-care advice. We will then book your next session.

Foot reflexology

For foot reflexology you will just need to remove your shoes and socks/tights. I will help you lie back in a recliner chair. After refreshing your feet with an antibacterial footwipe, I will then apply foot cream and start the reflexology.

Hand reflexology

For hand reflexology, you can relax in an armchair and rest your hands on a pillow. I will use massage oil on your hands and wrists. You may wish to remove your watch and rings with stones.